Choosing garden furniture is a personal choice, based on your unique garden design, your budget, and what you want to use it for.

That being said, there are some universal truths that should be followed no matter what your preference is.

Here we go through some.

Invest in Weatherproof – You’ll thank me in 10 Years

grey rocking rattan garden chairs set

Whether or not garden furniture can be left outside depends greatly on the quality of materials used.

The important materials to watch out for are for the frame and the outer rattan or outer coatings.

For the frame, steel will rust, and so isn’t the best choice. You want to go for an aluminium frame, as this is rust proof and so will last many years.

The outer coating should also be protected from the elements. With rattan furniture, you want to ensure the wicker is synthetic and UV stabilized, which means the sun won’t rot or fade it, ensuring it can stay outdoors.

There are garden furniture providers in the UK like Garden Centre Shopping who mainly stock this weatherproof rattan furniture.

Flexibility with Modular Garden Furniture

adjustable rattan reclining corner sofa set

The problem with lots of sets is that you’re stuck in the form they sold you with. EG a dining set will only really ever be a dining set.

However if you buy a modular set, it allows you to mix and match the sections to create whatever furniture you like!

Sets such as rattan corner sofas, where you can move the chairs and individual sections around to create a custom seating area, give you so much flexibility when you’re having a party, or just chilling out on your own.

You can create a day bed for when it’s just you and your partner, or split it into all the sections to allow everyone at your bbq to have their own seat.

Breakfast with a Bistro Set

A bistro set is the perfect one for your patio area if you’re looking to eat breakfast al fresco.

It can be condensed into a very small area, such as a balcony or small patio, and provides a lovely place to sit.

Rattan bistro sets are very popular, including the range with comfy cushions and rocking chairs at which displays a range of colours and options.

weatherproof rattan rocking bistro set brown


Final Conclusion

There are some classic tips while you’re choosing your new garden furniture sets.

Whatever you think about the best garden furniture, this particular one below is my personal favourite:

cream coloured garden furniture chair set

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